Friday, 29 July 2011

Eight months little one

You're here in our hearts, but we miss your gorgeous face darling Bear.
Our lives will never be the same.
You gave us nine months of joy.
And we are so thankful.
We hoped for a lifetime of fun.
Now we just have this heaviness.
We think about you everyday gorgeous boy.
Love your Mummy and Daddy. X


  1. Your posts seem more sad recently. It's strange how it seems to get worse the longer time goes on, isn't it?

    Sending you much love.xxxx

  2. Sending you love and hugs x

  3. Our losses are so close. I will be at eight months out this August 9th. Hard to believe it's going to be a year soon. These milestones are so incredibly rough.

  4. Ive just marked 2 long months without my boy. Sending you strength, love and hugs.

  5. I would like to say it gets easier, but sadly it doesn't.After 5 years since our son was killed I have learned to live with the pain. I feel for you deeply, strongly in your loss, and it is good that you write.
    I have been writing a journal for 5 years.
    i leave you with a poem..............

    "Poem for Matt written in 2008"

    "There's a hole in the world
    Where you used to be.
    It is perfectly shaped in your form,
    A vacuum, but it's there.
    Like reaching into the space where you
    Lived and breathed.
    It's a mocking illusion.
    There's a hole in me
    Where you used to be
    Arms cannot wrap around space.
    There's a hole everywhere I turn
    It travels with me silently
    Wherever I go
    It is always with me
    A reminder of all that we have lost
    And, on returning, the memories
    Down the years where you were real
    Tangible,loved, living, breathing.
    There are holes in the world
    I recognise others-
    Children lost forever
    Parents who grieve
    Over what might have been.....................
    And now snatched away
    Leaving only brokenness.
    There's a sadness in their eyes
    Like a reflection
    From a deep well
    Of pain
    Hidden but always there....
    Surfacing at times to overflow.
    And it goes on until
    We leave a hole in the world."

  6. Strength overcomes pain.
    Hope defeats despair.
    Beauty always there.

    Nothing will take that from you.