Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Coming up to that time of year again

November is here, and while it doesn't feel nearly as sad or scary as last year, Bear's first anniversary, there is a heaviness around. People, friends and family, start talking about him more, which is lovely. What I mostly feel, though, is fear. Fear for the two of us, who this time two years ago had no idea about the bomb that was about to explode.


  1. the time of year.. the weather the wind.. can just brink back memories of the happy pregnancy before your world ends.. I know.. I face the 10th anniversary of my sons twin brother.. and its hard.. I have to celebrate my sons 10th birthday.. and always go off and have a cry for the death of my other boy, who should be with us today. I now have a daughter, and know the joy of having herafter greif, and yes she would not be here if I hadnt lost my son..
    Anniversaries.. quietly taken with me.. as its all tied up with a celebration.. I am sad now.. as I feel the summer and remeber like you say the time before the bomb exploded, and our dreams were shatterd. .. love x

  2. We also lost our Son Bear in October, I dread the thought of his 1st years anniversary coming up :(. Poor baby Bear ' s never had their chance in life very very sad x