Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A la mode

I actually chuckled to myself today (not a regular occurrence).
My life, pre Bear, was all about being on trend. Ok, not my life, but my work.
A fashion journalist needs to know what's big and what's not. What's in and what's out.
At the moment, I'm clueless about the fashion world, except that there is a mammoth sale at Gap, and their flared jeans actually look half decent on me.
What I do know, is that suddenly having a stillborn baby is everywhere in the news. Literally, it seems like each day there is another story about a mother who has lost her unborn child.
The fathers never get a look in, but that's whole other story.
Call me sick, but it seems as though it's the latest thing to have.
Admittedly, I probably spend too much time on the Daily Mail iPhone app, but still, you didn't hear about little babies who didn't quite make it into the big wide world, before Amanda Holden and Lily Allen. And now... it's stillbirth central.
So, I'm on trend again. In the worst possible sense.
I want to be Mrs Average Mum. I want to be able to buy that stupid biscuit cutter that I saw today, that said, Mum's Are the Best.
I can't, of course, because people would think I was weird. I would think I was weird.
Toby calls me his little darling with a broken heart. I wonder if they make cake decorations to fit the bill....?

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  1. Do you go to Sands meetings?

    Carl and I have found them so helpful, but there are times when I don't want anything to do with it. I feel I have joined a club I never wanted to be part of, whilst missing out on membership of the one I was supposed to be in.

    We were supposed to spend the last two years moaning about what a nightmare it was dealing with a baby AND a toddler, wrestling with the logistics of two car seats, two sets of demands.

    And even now that we have a new one coming along (we hope) in June, I think - he's number three, not number two. Sometimes I think I want to have hundreds more children. Other times I know there will never be enough to fill the hole where Josef was.