Saturday, 19 March 2011

My Big Boy

I look at all these rugby players today, and I think, Bear could have been up there when he grew up.
He didn't weigh much more than average, but he was long. Very long. Nearly 23 inches, with strong shoulders like his Daddy. And big, lined feet.
My Dad said the England cricket team will miss a player, and they'll never know it.
Whatever he would have excelled in, I'm sure sport would have been a big factor in his happy life.
So many bloody missed opportunities.


  1. He does look like he could be a rugby player- the cutest one.
    I don't know if this is weird, but Bear has gorgeous lips. Like kissable (that's weird, right? lol). :)

    I like what your dad said about England's cricket team missing a player they'll never know. That's very sweet.

  2. LauraJane, he has the best lips ever. Everyone who has seen his picture has said the same. How I wish I could kiss them, and see them smile.

  3. Bear is all-over gorgeous. Lovely (heartbreaking) comment from your dad. I don't think you realise how many hopes dreams and possibilities you have invested in your unborn children until they can no longer fulfil them xxx