Friday, 25 February 2011

Bear and I

A friend sent me this thought the other day and I found it very soothing:

'Your child is attached to your soul.'

I think it is a very beautiful thought and a different way of saying that Bear will always be in my heart. There is something about the soul, something about its mysterious outer-worldliness that manages to transcend life and death.
I hope in some sense he knows that I am his Mummy.
I know he knew my voice when he was growing in my tummy.
When I read back through my old blog, there are several occasions when we had a definite chat/kick conversation. I could soothe his restlessness if there were loud noises about or bright lights.
He knew me then, and I hope he knows me now.
What a waste, I keep thinking. What a waste of his loveliness and all the dreams and love we had stored up alongside his Moses basket.

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